Welcome to Maricel’s Kitchen: Where Culinary Art Meets Cultural Heritage

At Maricel’s Kitchen, we believe in the power of food to bring people together and tell stories that transcend borders. Founded in 2017 by Chef Maricel Gentile, our kitchen is more than a place for cooking; it’s a space where culinary traditions are celebrated, and new flavors are explored.

Our Founder: Chef Maricel Gentile

Chef Maricel’s journey in the culinary world spans over 30 years, beginning in the bustling restaurants and hotels of New York establishments. With her roots in Manila, Philippines, Chef Maricel brings to the table a rich tapestry of Asian culinary traditions, particularly Filipino cuisine, enriched by her experiences in various international cuisines. As the Chef and Owner of Maricel’s Kitchen, she is passionate about sharing the unique and vibrant flavors of Asia with her community.

Our Mission

At Maricel’s Kitchen, our mission is to offer more than just meals; we aim to provide an immersive cultural experience. We specialize in Filipino and broader Asian cuisines, bringing authentic flavors to our clients, students, and community. We believe that the best way to learn about a culture is through its food, and we strive to create an environment that is both educational and welcoming.

What We Offer at Maricel’s Kitchen

Cooking Classes: Our cooking classes now feature an exciting addition – guest chefs! At Maricel’s Kitchen, our cooking classes blend the best of Asian cuisine with global flavors, led by Chef Maricel and featuring guest chefs from around the world. Dive into the rich traditions of Asian cooking with Maricel, and broaden your culinary horizons with diverse cuisines, from the Mediterranean’s intricacies to Latin America’s bold spices. These classes are a unique opportunity to learn, cook, and taste a variety of culinary styles. We also offer private cooking classes – the perfect option for a special occasion or family and friend get-together.

Chef’s Table Dinners: Our Chef’s Table Dinners are an exclusive, reservation-only culinary event. These themed dinners not only showcase the diverse culinary landscapes of Asia but now also feature guest chefs presenting cuisines from across the globe. It’s a unique dining experience where guests can indulge in a variety of gourmet dishes, each reflecting the chef’s personal culinary journey and the rich traditions of their respective countries.

Catering & Events: Make your special occasions even more memorable with our bespoke catering services. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or any other significant event, our team at Maricel’s Kitchen will work with you to create a menu that perfectly complements the theme and atmosphere of your celebration. We take pride in delivering not just food, but an extraordinary culinary experience for you and your guests. Now, with our new East Brunswick Location, you can host your event at Maricel’s Kitchen.

Corporate Food Services: Elevate your corporate events, team building, meetings, and lunches with our exceptional catering services. At Maricel’s Kitchen, we understand the importance of quality and efficiency in a business setting. Our team provides professional, timely, and delectable culinary solutions, ensuring your corporate events are both delicious and memorable. From individually packed lunches to large-scale elegant corporate functions, and everything in between, our menus are tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.