Galactic Cantina – Star Wars Inspired Chef Table Popup

Come and be transported to a galaxy, far, far away. For one night, Friday April 26th, Mariel’s Kitchen of East Brunswick will transform into Maricel’s Kalawakan Cantina of the Outer Rim.

As we kick off the celebratory season leading up to “May The 4th,” the universally beloved Star Wars Day, we invite you to embark on an interstellar gastronomic journey inspired by Star Wars fans’ passion for fun, fundraising, and the fantastical universe of Star Wars.

A portion of the proceeds from this intergalactic gastronomic event will support NJ RISE, aligning our journey through the cosmos with a good cause. So employ your imagination, and join us for an evening of good food, fun, and philanthropy, where the stars meet the palate, and the tales of the galaxy come alive.

Maricel’s Kalawakan Cantina is where the galaxy’s scum and villainy and elite mingle.

Every dish at Maricel’s Kalawakan Cantina tells a story of far-flung worlds, with flavors as bold and diverse as the patrons who grace its halls, and every sip carries the essence of the cosmos, promising an evening of unparalleled delight. Expect to rub shoulders with the universe’s most notorious outlaws and the glittering elite in an ambiance where the boundaries between them dissolve into the starlit ambiance of our exclusive Chef’s Table event.

This special night is more than just a dining experience; it’s a voyage across the culinary universe, where every encounter is a taste of destiny, and the spirit of adventure guides you. Maybe you’ll meet a pirate from another star system or a duchess of a neighboring moon. One thing is certain: in any galaxy, Maricel’s cuisine is out of this world.

Entrance to the cantina includes 2 hours of food and interstellar soft drinks.
Patrons may BYOB – but no Trusky Moon Ale (we wont make that mistake again).



Cosmo Kani & Teranopia Pear Salad: Korean Kani Salad with crisp Asian pear

Galactic Dumpling Clusters: Steamed Pork Shomai dumplings that are a celestial journey in every bite.

Zephyr Zing Asteroids: On earth they call this Meatball Teriyaki – Savory spheres glazed in a sticky, sweet sauce.

Rolled Lunar Wraps: Crispy spring rolls filled with ground space-pig and vegetables.


Interstellar Porcine Roast : Space pork roast with a complemented flavor-packed sauce.

Orion’s Spice Concoction: Thai Chicken Curry – Infused with exotic spices and coconut milk from the moons of Thaion.

Pulsar Pig Sizzle: A fiery fusion of chopped pork, ignited with spices that dance like solar flares. A perfect dish to enjoy with moonlit ale.

Celestial Pearl Grains: Jasmine rice, a foundation for the culinary cosmos.

Nebula Noodle Twist: Glass noodles swirling with galactic greens.

Vegetation Vortex: Stir-fried noodles with an interstellar assortment of vegetables.

Constellation Stir: Stir fry with tofu, stars of the vegetarian galaxy.

Galactic Delights and Deserts:

Meteor Shower Mix Bar – An assortment of ‘Halo Halo’ ingredients such as sweetened beans, fruits, and shaved ice. Where you can build your own Meteor Shower of flavors. A speciality from the Kasheekie quadrant.

Cosmic Delight: Rich, earthy cake derived from cosmic cassava tubers.

Lunar Eclipse: Know as a Flan in some parts. A velvety custard with a dark side of caramel.

Assorted Intergalactic Bar Snacks – A collection of cosmic bites and space-seasoned nibbles.

Enjoy your voyage through taste at Maricel’s Kalawakan Cantina—where the universal love for food brings distant worlds to your plate.

Quench Your Thirst

Step up to the bar at Maricel’s Kalawakan Cantina and quench your cosmic thirst!

Alongside the galaxy-famous Blue Banta Milk, treat yourself to our signature mocktails: the Nebula Nectar, a swirling fusion of exotic fruits and sparkling stardust, and the Asteroid Fizz, a bubbling concoction with flavors as bold as a meteor shower. Don’t miss our array of intergalactic soft drinks, each with a taste out of this world! As always, all included in your admission.

Galactic Dining Expeditions: Choose Your Voyage Time 6:30 PM or 9:00 PM

To ensure everyone has a chance to experience the magic of Maricel’s Kalawakan Cantina, due to its soaring popularity, we’re offering two exclusive time slots for our interstellar guests: the first from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, and a second from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM. This allows us to welcome both early explorers and night-time adventurers into our galaxy far, far away. Reserve your spot and join us for an evening that transcends space and time. Book now as reservations are going faster than a nerf herder on a Kessel run.

May I attend in Costume or Cosplay?
YES! Please, although you will need to arrive and leave in your costume as we have no space for you to change onsite. While an adult event please keep all costumes reasonable, safe, and family friendly. Any “weapons” must be safe, peace tied and no projectiles please.

Can Younglings attend?
Please note that Maricel’s Kalawakan Cantina’s galactic buffet and bar event is crafted for an adult audience. If you feel your youngling has a strong maturity force and is at least in the Earth teen years, then yes they may accompany you. They may not attend unaccompanied.

Why is this Popup on Friday, April 26th?
We’re launching our ‘May The 4th’ festivities on April 26th to ensure that all Star Wars enthusiasts have the freedom to explore the galaxy of events during the expansive Star Wars Day season. Recognizing that May the 4th has evolved into a week-long constellation of fan gatherings and volunteer activities, we aim to give our fans the ability not to have to choose between events. By setting our event ahead of the traditional date, we’re opening up the space lanes so you can enjoy as many interstellar celebrations as the galaxy has to offer, without the worry of scheduling conflicts. It’s all about maximizing your adventure in the Star Wars universe and making sure you can be a part of as many acts of fan love and community service as possible

Intergalactic Collaboration

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Chef Maricel's culinary journey is a vibrant fusion of Filipino heritage and global flavors. With a passion for sharing her culture through food, she embraces both traditional techniques and innovative approaches. At Maricel's Kitchen, she offers an immersive culinary experience that transcends borders, inviting guests to explore the rich tastes and textures of Filipino and Asian cuisines. Her dishes are a testament to the power of food in connecting people, stories, and cultures, making every meal a journey of discovery and delight.