New Filipino Cook Book Coming Soon!

I’m excited to share that I am currently working on a new cookbook, entitled “Seasoned with Love” designed to bring my favorite stories and dishes from Maricel’s Kitchen to you. This journey of Maricel’s Kitchen has been, and continues to be, a journey of passion and love of food and people. This book is my way to reach more people who have a love for Filipino and Asian foods.

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Chef Maricel's culinary journey is a vibrant fusion of Filipino heritage and global flavors. With a passion for sharing her culture through food, she embraces both traditional techniques and innovative approaches. At Maricel's Kitchen, she offers an immersive culinary experience that transcends borders, inviting guests to explore the rich tastes and textures of Filipino and Asian cuisines. Her dishes are a testament to the power of food in connecting people, stories, and cultures, making every meal a journey of discovery and delight.